Artist Statement


I create overwhelmingly dense images evoking mental landscapes, exploring the gap between experience and memory. My source material consists of photos and drawings I create as a diaristic practice. The images are employed as a modular unit of biological information. I repeat, superimpose, collage and manipulate many images from different sources into a single frame, exposing synergistic parallels and forming a dense landscape. The images acquire artifacts, lose definition or degrade. Information is added or deleted, evoking the unstable nature of memory. Memories are seemingly immaterial things, but are actually embodied in a physical space. My work documents my mental space. I’m compelled to revisit an image over time to mine its meaning, using pieces from my last project to form the next. Ultimately, I’m exploring how memory helps construct a continuity of self and how the process of memory can be flawed.

-Michelle Orsi Gordon


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